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    I am delighted to invite all buyers, sellers and other players in the tourism industry to register online for the 27th staging of Jamaica Product Exchange (JAPEX), taking place in St. James from September 24 to 26, at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

    Throughout the years, JAPEX has proven to be a highly beneficial marketing event for tourism partners and is a critical tool in fostering growth within the sector. It is for this reason that my Ministry, through our agency the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), is pleased to again be partnering with the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association to stage this important private-public sector initiative.

    Our Tourism Linkages Network will also be coordinating the participation of local suppliers of goods and services. This activity is done in partnership with the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA), the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).

    The initiative is in keeping with my Ministry's mandate to increase investments in locally manufactured goods. It will also help to further strengthen linkages or partnerships forged with tourism and other key industries such as manufacturing, gastronomy and agriculture.

    Over the years, the successful partnerships created via JAPEX have proven to be very lucrative to all parties involved. This is perhaps because JAPEX offers a unique environment for major local producers to meet with travel wholesalers and tour operators, for brief pre-arranged meetings.

    I am sure that this year will also be a great success. I therefore encourage you to register early, by using the convenient system available on this website, and I look forward to seeing you at JAPEX 2018.

    Hon. Edmund Bartlett, CD, MP
    Minister of Tourism

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    Advertise With Us

    The Advertising Options are as follows:-

    1. JAPEX Website Front Page – at a cost of US$550 per advertiser, there are five (5) slots available. Your company can advertise with a 728x90 pixel static banner ad on the front page of the JAPEX 2019 website. There are five (5) banner ads on this page which will rotate every 15 seconds. The website is

    2. JAPEX Email Footer - at a cost of US$250 per email, there are ten (10) slots available. As a part of our event planning for JAPEX, emails are consistently sent out to Buyers and Suppliers. Your company can advertise with a 468x60 pixel static banner ad at the foot of each email that is sent out.


    3. Hanging Banner in Event - at a cost of US$250 per banner, there are fifteen (15) slots available. In the exhibition hall for JAPEX, your company can advertise from a hanging banner attached to the ceiling. Your banner must be cloth printed on both sides and LxW feet to match with all other hanging banners.

    4. Wall Banner - at a cost of US$250 per banner, there are ten (10) slots available. In the exhibition hall for JAPEX, your company can advertise on a wall mounted poster. Your post must be LxW feet and affixed using (to be determined).

    5. Front of Hall – Outside – at a cost of US$450, there is one (1) space available. On the outside entrance of the exhibition hall for JAPEX, your company can utilize a 10x10 feet space to mount any promotional display. - SOLD

    6. Standing Banner – Registration Area – at a cost of US$300, there are two (2) spaces available. Within the registration area for JAPEX, your company can place a standard standing banner.

    7. Standing Banner – Inside Hall – at a cost of US$250, there are eight (8) spaces available. Within the exhibition hall for JAPEX, your company can place a standard standing banner in any of the 8 designated areas.

    Note: For options 4-9, each display must be mounted on Friday, Sept by 8:00am and removed on Wednesday, Sept 11 by 5:00pm.

    You are responsible for erecting and removing your respective banners.

    Please complete the registration form.
    Registration Guidelines are outlined at the right of the form to assist in completing the form if/where necessary.

    We look forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for supporting JAPEX!

    JAPEX Website Front Page – US$550 JAPEX Email Footer - US$250 Hanging Banner in Event - US$250 Wall Banner - US$250 Front of Hall – US$450 Standing Banner - Registration Area– US$300 Standing Banner Inside Hall – US$250

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    Kindly note that if you wish to travel with collateral material for Japex 2018, you should include it as part of your checked luggage, as clearance is better managed by Customs this way. If you choose to ship ahead via courier, please ensure that the courier clears the material and delivers it to your accommodation. The JHTA should be provided with details to facilitate coordination with Customs.

    Persons who wish to use the services of a courier to ship material to Jamaica must ensure that the courier is given specific instructions regarding the clearance and delivery of package to their hotel. Packages must be correctly labelled as per the example below:



    In order to follow-up with Customs, all persons sending by courier or taking in material must provide the details including a complete (and detailed) list of material ahead of the event Kindly note that this facility applies to collateral material only e.g. brochures, flyers, banners, etc. and small giveaways such as logoed items i.e. pens, markers, etc.

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    All outstanding membership dues must be settled in order to participate in JAPEX. Please ensure that you are in good standing before registering.

    Booth Sizes & Costs Large and standard booths are available.

    Large Booth
    10 feet wide x 6 feet deep
    Accommodates 2 delegates
    2 sets of pre-scheduled appointments
    Early Bird: US$1090
    Regular: US$1190

    Standard Booth
    8 feet wide x 6 feet deep
    Accommodates 1 delegate
    1 set of pre-scheduled appointments
    Early Bird: US$590.00
    Regular: US$690.00

    Small Booth
    1 small table Accommodates
    1 delegate
    1 set of pre-scheduled appointments.

    Subject to JHTA Approval of meeting the requirements of a small booth. US$325.00 

    Additional Delegates
    Additional delegates may be registered at a cost of US$195.00 per delegate.

    Supplier Accommodation
    You must make your own arrangements for accommodation. Rates for properties within the area are on our hotel rates page.

    New Buyers
    We want to bring new buyers including Meeting Planners to JAPEX. Send us the names, mailing addresses, email addresses and fax numbers of the new buyers you want to see here, and those with whom you currently do business.

    Together, we can make JAPEX 2019 successful for tourism in Jamaica.

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    HOW TO REGISTER -  We utilize an event management platform hosted by

    Registration is very simple.

    1. To start, enter the email address on which you received your invitation to register (note - The system will only accept pre-approved registrants which is based on the email address we have for you in our system).
    2. Select from the option provided to see your registration costs and then click continue.
    3. Follow the instructions from there and please be sure to fill in all fields of the registration form.
    4. Once completed, you will be taken to the payment page. We accept credit cards only for this event.
    5. On approval you will be sent an email and taken to a page where you may access a copy of your receipt or an invoice, if required.
    6. As a part of your approval a registration number will be provided. Please be sure to keep a copy of this number as it is your access code to our system and to making your appointments with Suppliers.
    7. We will alert you via as to when Appointment Scheduling will be opened.
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